Introduce Your Baby To A Natural World Of Wonder

A Safe, Nurturing, Space For Your Little One To Learn About The Environment Around Them

Introduce Your Baby To A Natural World Of Wonder

A Safe, Nurturing, Space For Your Little One To Learn About The Environment Around Them

toddlers | 12 - 36 months | Serving Grimshaw, AB

Small Class Sizes For More Individual Attention

Give your baby the benefit of low teacher to infant ratios to ensure they receive the individual attention they need to feel supported, nurtured and loved. Babies require extra care during such a crucial stage of their development, so they must receive it consistently.

Build A Bond With A Primary Caregiver

A primary caregiver makes sure that your baby feels safe, comfortable, and secure at all times. Your baby trusts the affection they’re receiving because it’s consistent and reliable and forms a special bond with their caregiver due to spending so much time together.

A Schedule Your Baby Knows From Home

Things like naps, mealtimes, and playtime are coordinated with you in mind so that your baby sticks to the routine they’ve become used to at home. Staying on schedule guarantees that they’re as comfortable as possible while in our care.

Enjoy Flexible Scheduling With Hourly And Daily Drop-In Rates.

Frequent Outdoor Play In The Fresh Air and Sunshine

Daily exposure to the outdoors ensures your baby stays connected to the outside world and learns about the natural environment around them. With plenty of greenery, opportunities for exploration, mud pits, and more, nature discovery becomes a big part of their day.

Messy, Sensory Play To Ignite Early-Stage Learning

Your baby engages in play that heightens their senses and helps them understand what’s happening around them. They touch, taste, listen, watch, and smell to their heart’s content as they experiment safely with their environment under caregivers’ supervision.

Regular Feeding Schedules Keep Your Baby Healthy

Your infant is always fed on time, ensuring they receive all of the nutrients they would expect on their home schedule. Caregivers provide formula or can incorporate your preferred nutrition preferences.

Music Enrichments Stimulate A Sense Of Joy

Your baby experiences enrichments like music to help keep them happy, responsive, and calm while at the center. Exposure to singing and rhythm encourages your little ones to express themselves, feel a range of emotions, and develop coordination as they move along to the beat.

Stay Up To Date And Informed With A Communication App

Being kept in the loop about your baby’s day gives you peace of mind when you’ve spent the day apart., The HiMama app allows you to check in about everything from meals to naps, activities, development and even learning.

Hear What Parents Are Saying…

"The staff is always great to deal with"
Luke loves Daycare! The staff is always great to deal with, Very trustworthy and always do their best. Thank you ladies for all the hard work you do!
Jessie Bizuns
"they love their teachers and get excited to go"
amazing facility!! I would definitely recommend this daycare to anyone!! Amazing group of ladies! so happy to have my girls there.
Amanda Benson
"My kids have been going to Enlightened Beginnings for 2 years &we love it!"
Amazing and caring staff and a chance to kids to be kids, get outside, explore, craft &learn. Love it!
Jessica Shaw

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