Support For Your Independent Thinker

A Safe And Secure Environment Encourages Both Self-Direction And Engagement With Adults And Peers

Support For Your Independent Thinker

A Safe And Secure Environment Encourages Both Self-Direction And Engagement With Adults And Peers

Out of School | 6-12 years | Serving Grimshaw, AB


School Pick Up And Drop Are Made Easy

Your child is walked to school and picked up every day, giving you peace of mind so that you can feel confident in their safety and care. Rest easy knowing that they have assistance in their transitions when you’re unable to be there in person.

Play-Based, Child-Led, And Structured Learning

Your child engages in fun, self-led learning based on their interests, helping them build their cognitive skills and nurture healthy relationships and develop a sense of independence.

A Nature-Based Environment Encourages Daily Discovery

Your big kid is never too old for nature! Outdoor playscapes are the ideal setting to learn as your child interacts with both the environment and their peers. Large open-air spaces and sand and mud pits give them unlimited play options in the fresh air and sunshine.

Self-Led Learning Will Sharpen Your Child’s Mind

Your child comes up with their game plan through self-led learning and is hands-on when it comes to choosing what will fill their time. Teachers help them build cognitive skills and discover the world around them as they practice decision-making.

Enjoy Flexible Scheduling With Hourly And Daily Drop-In Rates.


Home-Cooked Meals At No Extra Cost

Delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided to your child daily at no extra cost, with plenty of fruits and vegetables on the menu. Menu items are free of added sugar to play, learn, and develop with the energy they need.

Practical Life Skills Carry Your Child Through Life

Young learners benefit from mastering useful skills beyond what’s needed to succeed academically. Your child participates in fun activities, and improves their confidence as they learn how to cook, clean, do basic tasks around the house and garden.

Hear What Parents Are Saying…

"It’s a wonderful daycare facility and Mary Ellen is just the best"
My children have been going here for over a year and half now, they just love it. The teachers are all great.
Amy Davies
"She loves all her friends and teachers at the daycare!"
The teachers are great, they spend a lot of times outdoors and get to do so many hands on crafts and activities.
Shynade Nora Desfosses
"Best decision was enrolling my kids to EB"
The staff is so down to earth and love getting involved with the kids. Not once have I walked in and not seen the staff playing or reading with them.
Natalie St-laurent

Kick-off your child’s incredible early learning journey